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Buying a house is a BIG financial decision.

Everyone needs a place to live, and owning a home provides stability and security. It’s a hefty investment, so the right advice and guidance are paramount.

The Winston Salem and Greensboro housing markets can be competitive, and often homes sell fast.

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Experience and marketplace expertise make a significant difference in buyer outcomes. At Valentino Group, we thoroughly understand the marketplace, ensuring our clients pay a fair price for the right house. Jeff Valentino and his support team listen to your needs to help you find the perfect home while ensuring you make an educated and informed decision.

Jeff won’t just be opening doors for you when you’re out looking at homes to buy. He carefully looks at each house with you, determining value, discerning quality, and looking for signs of possible disrepair. Once you choose a property, the real work begins for your Valentino Group real estate team. We start by negotiating the best possible purchase price and contract terms. After you’re under contract, Valentino Group continues advocating for your interest during inspections, the due diligence period, and even after closing. We keep you informed as we manage the entire purchase process from beginning to end. 

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